Major activities - By Week

Week of Sept. 6

Implementation Team will meet to discuss/approve the objectives & timelines
established by the Coordinating Group (which meets on Sept. 2, see below).
Meeting date not set yet.

Week of Aug. 30

--Coordinating Group will meet on Sept. 2, from 2-3.
Coordinating Group = Teri, Marc, Andrew, Sean
To develop Objectives & Timelines for FY10 for the Outcomes distributed
at Aug. 26 group meeting: Specialized Instances of SuperSearch; Integration
with VBLs; Written management procedures; Extensive usability and usage
information; Integration into new website planning; Instructional modules & videos;
Partnership with EBSCO; Skill Enhancements.

Week of Aug. 23

----Development Team Meeting on August 25, 9-10 am, Main Conference Room
----Implementation Team Meeting on August 26, 10-11 am, Main Conference Room
Attending: Teri, Rod, Sean, Susan, Kay, Andrew, Chris, Marc


1. Updates by all.
Teri-->Provided each librarian with the text of the message Rod would like them to send out to
the Liaisons in each of their assigned area(s). They are free to edit the message to suit their
needs. The message is go out on Friday, August 20. Each Librarian was also provided with
a t-shirt to give to the Liaison in each of their assigned area(s). Each librarian was instructed
to follow-up early next week (week of Aug. 23) and send out a message to EACH faculty member
in his/her assigned area(s) of responsibility.
Teri sent an e-mail to EBSCO's Vice President of Marketing and Kelli Gochenauer on Aug. 20
announcing that we have the shirts and providing them with a copy of the invoice that they agreed
to pay. I also told them that we have saved 10 shirts for them and asked where they would like
us to send them.
2. Susan discussed Marketing efforts. T-shirts have been distributed. We still have several
large boxes left (all X-Large). If anyone wants extra shirts to distribute to faculty they are in
the storage room. Help yourself. Posters will be out soon.
3. Andrew discussed that he is looking into potentially subscribing to or purchasing
Project Management software for his ILS project. This software might also be
useful for the SuperSearch group. He will keep us informed.
4. Marc distributed an outline for the charge of the SuperSearch Coordinating Group,
which will replace the Implementation Team in short order. The group had an opportunity
to review and discuss. All agreed this seemed to be a good approach for "Phase II" of
the SuperSearch Implementation/Deployment. The Coordinating Group will meet next
week on Sept. 2 to develop Objectives and Timelines for the stated Outcomes (and
potentially come up with more outcomes). We will report back to the larger group
the week of Sept. 6 for approval.

There were three main areas on the outline:
1. Deployment.
--Bug tracking
--Enhancement Requests
--Configuration Changes
--Codify Procedures
2. Development
--Connector Management (require input from individuals outside group)
--Performance Monitoring
--Assessment & Reports (require input from individuals outside group)
--Specialized Instances (require input from individuals outside group)
3. Training & Instruction
--Staff Development
--Instructional Modules (require input from individuals outside group)
--Instructional Support (require input from individuals outside group)
--Marketing (require input from individuals outside group)

Those groups or individuals (outside the group) identified as potentially being involved
at various points in the project are:

--Library/Drake Faculty
--Electronic Resources Manager
--Web Developer

Potential Outcomes identified are:
Specialized Instances of SuperSearch; Integration
with VBLs; Written management procedures; Extensive usability and usage
information; Integration into new website planning; Instructional modules & videos;
Partnership with EBSCO; Skill Enhancements.

Week of Aug. 16
----Meeting on August 19, 10:30-11:30 am, Main Conference Room
Attending: Teri, Rod, Sean, Susan, Kay, Andrew, Chris, Marc

1. Updates by all regarding progress in our individual areas of responsibility regarding this project.
2. New Services Landing Page--Progress?
3. Next Phase of this Project. Development. Need to develop a plan.
Including: deployment of Subject-specific SuperSearch boxes (Andrew indicated that
we can do this now but it is a "work-around"; EDS is going to have a fix in place by
mid-Sept.). Include in the Development Plan how to Assess the statistics.
4. Communication:
--Press Release on Aug. 17 (EBSCO & Drake)
--Rod: will send out announcement to Deans & Provost on or before Aug. 23
--After Rod's message has gone out, Librarians will send-out announcement to 1. Dept Liaisons, and 2.all
faculty members in assigned-areas of responsibility (Rod has provided proposed text of
message). This will occur early the week of August 23. Each librarian will be provided with a
t-shirt to send to each dept liaison.
5. Disseminating information to the profession

Week of Aug. 9
----Meeting on August 12, 10-11 am, Main Conference Room
Attending: Teri, Rod, Sean, Susan, Kay, Andrew, Chris
1. Updates by all regarding progress in our individual areas of responsibility regarding this project.
  • Taglines for posters and other poster updates (Susan)
  • Tshirt update (Susan)
--Cowles Library web page will feature SuperSearch box. Deadline=Monday, August 16. Press Release
will go out on Tuesday, August 17 (both EBSCO's version and Drake version).
--T-shirts will be picked-up by Susan on August 19. She will deliver the required numbers to
Wanda Everage for New Student Weekend activities. (including shirts for Peer Mentors)
--Teri will send invoice to EBSCO after shirts are picked-up (probably on Friday, August 20).
--Poster tag-lines were discussed. Susan is going to communicate with Marketing regarding
suggested editorial changes on several of them. Charlie Edwards, Mike Couvillon, and Eric Saylor's
photo shoots will all have to be re-scheduled due to conflicts. Posters should be available around
the first week of classes.
--Sean will work on a SuperSearch tutorial next week (week of August 16) to be available by the
date of the first day of classes (August 23).
--The video of Sean teaching a sample FYS showing SuperSearch is available at:
All Staff/VideoFiles ... it's called "EDS_SuperSearch_DoNotLoadOnline.mp4"
--The Cowles Library Mobile Site will be available around the time classes start
(progress is being made)
--Chris is working on trying to get the SuperSearch on BlueView. He is having trouble
getting a response from the IT folks.

Week of Aug. 2
----Meeting on August 5, 9-10 am, Main Conference Room
Attending: Teri, Rod, Marc, Sean, Susan, Kay, Andrew, Chris (and three people from Marketing)

1. Updates by all regarding progress in our individual areas of responsibility regarding this project
Teri-->List of recently requested database connectors will be available on Sept. 1. At this point we will have every available database connected to which we subscribe. The list of free web sites that Sean asked about regarding their availability as connectors are unavailable at this time. We will be kept informed of if/when they become available, as well as the list of currently unconnected databases that are unavailable at this time.
Teri e-mailed Kelli Goechenaur on July 27 with the price estimates for 1000 t-shirts per Kelli's request. We are looking at having the SuperSearch logo on the front of the shirt and the "powered by EBSCOhost" on the back unless EBSCO tells us differently. We will await a response from Kelli regarding EBSCO's willingness to fund. (CHANGE related to location of logos--Susan)
EBSCO agreed to fund $3,095.20 for the T-shirts.

2. Reminder, please edit the "Overall Activities" page of the wikki after each meeting with notes of your report from the meeting and also with your immediate "To Do" list regarding the project.

3. Communication Sequencing/Timeline (including Liaison Communication approach (Rod)). --Rod handed out "SuperSearch - Liaison Role/Communication" which will take effect after the Press Release by EBSCO and Drake (August 17). The hand-out consisted of a three-pronged approach to communicating with faculty: (1) Note from Dean to all faculty liaisons. (2) Note from each library faculty liaison to each faculty member in his/her assigned subject area(s). (3) Note from Library Systems to Academic Tech Reps. Rod also handed out a proposed note from the library faculty liaisons to the faculty announcing SuperSearch. This will be discussed at next weeks' LOC (on August 12).

4. EDS Development Timeline---Will discuss the construction of subject-specific SuperSearch boxes at the EDS meeting the week of August 23.

5. Preliminary layout sketches and rationale - Chris- Chris showed some examples of what the Cowles Library main web page will look like after the SuperSearch logo and search box are added. All agreed this is on the right track. This will be deployed by the time the press release comes out (August 17).

6. Marketing - taglines --Susan
7. Marketing - posters --Susan
Favored tagline: "Search You Can Trust". Marketing will see if they can come up with any variations on this by the end of the day today (August 5). Rod agreed to fund placing the tagline on the back of the t-shirts (as well as the logos). We will buy an extra 100 shirts so that we can accommodate Wanda Everage's request for t-shirts for peer mentors, etc. Susan will ask Broken Arrow to do two invoices. One for the amount EBSCO agreed to pay ($3,095.20) and the other for anything over and above that (which Cowles will be responsible for; approximately $1,000). Susan will see if we can get blue shirts for the same price as white. If so, she will. If not, she will stick with the white. See Marketing page for list and Tshirt PDF.

Marketing is also working on the text for the posters. The poster shoots have been scheduled for later in August. Posters may not be ready by the time classes start, but should be available by the 2nd week.

8. Deployment -- Marc, Sean, Andrew-- Marc, Andrew and Chris are working on a new mobile site which will be deployed prior to the start of classes on August 23. The new mobile site will include a link to a preliminary version of EDS mobile.

Marc will also work on a "New This Semester" blog so that Rod can refer the Deans, Admissions, and other interested parties to this site for information.

Sean gave an update on Instruction efforts. He will begin working on video tutorials as soon as the new EDS interface is released (it is supposed to be released today, August 5).

Week of July 26
----Meeting on July 27, 9-10 am, Main Conference Room
Attending: Teri, Rod, Marc, Sean, Susan, Kay, Andrew


--The EDS Interface revision is delayed. New estimated delivery date is August 5. This pushes back the "coming out of beta" for SuperSearch at Cowles.
--Susan is coordinating with Marketing the outstanding issues (posters, logo, slogan, etc.). Susan will contact the people who have agreed to be in the SuperSearch poster to set-up a time that works with Marketing's schedule. (Renae Chesnut, Eric Saylor, Mike Couvillon, Melissa Sturm-Smith, Natasha Kaiser Brown, Charlie Edwards, and some Student Senators and/or Elected officers). This photo shoot is to be done the week of August 10-12. Also received bids on tshirts with 1 and 2 logos. Working on getting some additional tag line to put under the SuperSearch logo instead of the search box.
--Marc and Kay are working on the Documentation & Procedures for adding connectors and additional procedures. (Marc has begun a page on a new wiki relating to this objective).
--Marc, Andrew, and Chris did a webinar on July 23 with Kathy Kiely regarding the "back-end pedagogical configuration" of the EBSCO Admin stuff.
--Sean did a training session for the Librarians who will be teaching FYS sessions this fall regarding SuperSearch. The idea is that we (the librarians) will instruct the FYS sessions with a unified approach regarding SuperSearch (see Sean's Instruction pages on this wikki for more information).
--Sean will work on web tutorials for SuperSearch after the new EDS interface is released.
--Chris Purcell will be joining the group starting in August to help coordinate the web presence issues regarding SuperSearch


1. Updates by all regarding progress in our individual areas of responsibility regarding this project
Teri: Sent Kelli Gochenaur approval to add all available connectors (see updated connector list) on July 16.
Kelli still needs to send me the list of which of the "free web sites" that Sean provided are available as connectors.
Teri also asked Kelli how we will be kept informed of when the currently "unavailable" connectors become available so that we can
add them without paying the $1500 building fee.
Rod approved the concept of two press releases. One that EBSCO will release to the trade publications, and
one for local distribution. Both to be released on August 17. I informed the EBSCO Marketing person, Kathleen
McEvoy. Susan will inform the Drake Marketing people.
Teri has gotten verbal approval from Renae Chesnut and Eric Saylor to be in the SuperSearch posters. I e-mailed
Mike Couvillon on July 15. Susan will contact Melissa Sturm-Smith. Susan will contact the Browns, and Sentwali.
Rod will contact Charlie Edwards.

2. Implementation/Other
- choose other databases functionality. (Sean, Andrew)
- webinar with Kathy Kiely on configuration of searching and viewing results tabs (Andrew, Sean, Kay, Marc)
- user groups as containers for profiles and reports/statistics (Marc);
- IR review instance received (Marc)
- Catalog location codes updated (Andrew)
- Web logos update (Chris, Marc, Susan)
- Informational: mobile site (Sean, Chris, Marc)

3, Chris will begin attending meetings next week -- integrating supersearch on to the main page, blueview libraries tab.

Week of July 19

Week of July 12
--Meeting on July 13, 1:30-3 pm, Main Conference Room with Kathy Kiely, EDS Implementation Specialist
1. EBSCO Press Release. Final approval.
Rod has sent to Debra Lockhart for final approval. Once she approves (or makes changes) Teri will forward back to Kathleen McEvoy (the EBSCO Marketing person).
2. Updates from meeting on July 13 with Kathy Kiely (the EDS Trainer), and Kelli Gochenaur (the Account Rep).
Updated list of "unconnected" databases was distributed. We decided to go ahead and connect to any un-connected databases and evaluate usage at an appropriate time. Each additional connector costs $170.
3. Updates from All regarding progress in our individual areas of responsibility regarding this project
--Susan will follow-up with Marketing to see where they are with the logo and to see what and who needs to be done to contact identified faculty for the "SuperSearch" posters. Susan will also get final price quote for t-shirts so that we can share with EBSCO. EBSCO indicated a willingness to help fund the SuperSearch t-shirt giveaway in the fall (entering freshmen and library student workers).
--Marc gave an update on the "technical" items discussed with EBSCO at the meeting on July 13, including EBSCOhost mobile and the ability to search by the EHIS groupings (or "multiple databases"). EBSCO indicated that this should be available at least for the EBSCO databases. We would like it to work for all databases (regardless of vendor). This is not available now. Kathy Kiely said that she would find out *when* it will be available. Marc is also working on adding a link to the SuperSearch results page that will link a user to individual databases so he/she can seamlessly go back and forth between searching SuperSearch and individual databases (this was brought up as an "issue" by Bruce at the meeting with the EBSCO people on July 13).

----Meeting on July 14, 8-9 am, Main Conference Room
1. Updates from all
Teri-->I have added "deadline/target" dates to the Zimbra calendar. They will show up on the "Calendar" bar.
2. Update on information obtained from Kathy Kiely, EDS Implementation Specialist, in our meeting with her the previous afternoon.

Week of July 5
--Meeting on July 7, 1-2 pm, Main Conference Room
Attending: Teri, Rod, Marc, Sean, Susan, Kay, Jeremy Sievers, and two Marketing people (I didn't get their names. Susan?)
1. Marketing. Update on logo progress, etc.
--Marketing presented two versions of a logo for SuperSearch. DU1Search, and SuperSearch (with a Super hero theme).
--We decided to go with SuperSearch. Marketing wanted us to identify potential faculty and students to be photographed for the posters.
--Susan will contact Marketing with the names we identified in the meeting (such as Mike Couvillon, Renae Chesnut, Eric Saylor, Melissa Sturm-Smith, Sentwalli Bakari, Natasha Kyser Brown/Brian Brown).
--Susan will get price quotes on t-shirts and timeline for availability when classes start.

2. Updates from all
  • Marc - preliminary report on EDS Mobile (feedback from techs, branding issue, non-ebsco databses); opening the discussion on conceptualizing the new home page; update on SuperSearch catalog-only instance.
  • Teri - I am waiting for Kelli Gochenaur to return the Connector list I sent to her last week. We need to find out which of the databases we are not yet connected to are available and then determine which ones we want to connect to ($170/each). Free web sites are like any other connector to EBSCO. If they've already built a connector, it will cost $170 to connect to it. If they haven't, they will charge a "building fee." EBSCO did add the additional connectors we asked them to. Teri disseminated the list to each librarian by his/her assigned subject area(s). I have put a deadline of July 9 for the librarians to return the list of connectors to Kay.

3. Implementation Schedule with Dates.

Week of June 28
--Meeting on June 29, 1-2 pm, Main Conference Room
Attending: Teri, Rod, Marc, Sean, Susan, Kay


1. Updates from all regarding each person's area(s) of responsibility regarding this project
For example, Kay added
EDS Usability Report based on user testing conducted in March at the following schools: Indiana University at Bloomington, Auburn University, Melbourne University and Millersville University

2. Process for adding additional connectors in each subject area (i.e., involving each librarian). The process will need to consist of (1) Showing list of database connectors currently assigned to each subject area. (2) List of new connector(s). (3) Yes/No if each librarian wants the new connector(s) added to his/her assigned subject area(s). (4) Librarian must Re-order results display if new connector(s) added to his/her area.

3. Finalizing information to be sent to EBSCO for press release

Week of June 21
--Meeting on June 23, 1:30-2:30, Main Conference Room
Attending: Teri, Rod, Marc, Sean, Susan, Kay
1. Updates from all on progress in individual areas of responsibility
2. Response to e-mail from EBSCO's Kathleen McEvoy (6/21) requesting information from us so they can help us write a press release
Marc, Sean and Teri will respond to the request
3. Additional connectors have started appearing (CQ Public Affairs Collection, Gale Virtual Reference Library, London Times Digital Archive, Oxford Art Online, Oxford Music Online, Oxford Reference Online). Others? Question: LexisNexis Serials Set?
4. Marc has set the wiki to be view-only for non-logged in users ("Guests"). The url for this wiki is:

5. Test instance of EDS set up for configuration purposes: see Deployment Configuration Test page
6. Progress report on the IR (e-Scholarshare) connector.
7. Teri is compiling list of all databases with connector status & will add to wikki as soon as it is completed. Will want to share with librarians to see if there is any strong desire to add additional connectors.(see "Connector Master List" page)
8. Teri will contact EBSCO to find out which of our currently non-connected databases are available as connectors, and for those that are not, if we can, as "development partners" be kept informed of the que for developing connectors so we can determine where our non-connected databases are on their list (since we are not inclined to pay the $1500 "building fee").
9. Teri will also ask EBSCO about connecting to free web sites (such as those in medicine). Are many of these currently available as connectors? Sean will give Teri some examples of free web sites we'd like to add as connectors.
10. Teri will ask EBSCO if we can set-up a public EDS instance of the catalog (i.e., that does not have to be authenticated)?
11. Teri will ask EBSCO about the listing of "Lexis Nexis Serials Set" as an EBSCO Publishing database on the EBSCOadmin page.

Week of June 14
--Meeting on June 16, 1:30-2:30. Agenda: Discuss Management of Wiki and individual responsibilities to maintain it.
Attending: Teri, Rod, Marc, Susan, Kay
Absent: Sean (at SLA)

1. Discussion about use of Wiki, including "dependencies" (all)
2. Report on morning meeting with EBSCO re the advanced search link - Marc
3. Report on progress regarding IR connector (e-Scholarshare) - Marc
4. SuperSearch configuration tool (draft comments, main instance configuration) - Marc

Week of June 7
--Meeting on June 7, 11-12. Initial Meeting to discuss forming an Implementation Plan.
--Teri: e-mailed Kathy Kiely (EBSCO EDS Implementation Specialist, to determine when she will visit Drake. It was decided that July 13, 1:30-3, will be when she visits. We are to come up with any problems/issues/concerns we have regarding the EDS Implementation.
--Teri: e-mailed Lysa Burns, EBSCO Inside Sales Rep., to determine when the additional EHIS connectors will be implemented. She indicated that they should be available by July 1.

Misc Issues (notes from 6/7/10 meeting):

--Librarian Training & "Buy-in" so that when Rod sends his "all-faculty" announcement out that each librarian will follow-up with the faculty in his/her assigned areas.
--Placement of SuperSearch on Cowles Web page. When? What about BlueView?
--Marc to communicate with Campus Techs and distribute "tool kit"