One search, trusted sources
One search, trusted results
Search you can trust
The faster, easier, smarter search
The smarter search
The smarter tool for search
The right sources, the first time
Powerful search tool for research, and beyond
Powerful search tool for research and inquiry
Academic search tool for research, and beyond
One simple search; multiple, verified resources.
Your ultimate academic search tool
The power of search, magnified
One tool, verified resources
Harnessing the power of information
Channeling the power of information
Funneling the information pool

NEED FEEDBACK ASAP on the following taglines: Please put comments after each with your initials....

SuperSearch tagline - recommendations

More explanatory:

#1. Academic search engine for research, and beyond

-- No. -- md

#2. One powerful search tool for research, and beyond

-- Still no. -- md

#3. Your powerful search engine for research, and beyond
--I like this one the best of the three, but I'm kind of underwhelmed.....Teri
-- Doubleplus ungood, no.-- md

More vague:

#4. For research, and beyond
--I'm partial to this one. I think we should be careful about using the phrase "search engine," as it has come to mean a tool for searching the InterWeb. Also, I hate to be the Punctuation Police, but I'm pretty sure none of these taglines should have a comma. If it were a series (e.g., "For study, research, and beyond"), a comma would be up to personal preference, but the above examples should be "...research and beyond" --AW

-- I like #4 best, it is short and to the point. I agree with Andrew that it does not need a comma. You do not need to be explicit in the tagline, the point is to make it short and interesting, or short and corny, something that will in some way peak the readers interest or sense of humor and thereby stick in their memory. The first 3 are too long and too explanatory. I can picture myself or others saying "For research and beyond". I can picture the ad campaign with someone dressed up as a superhero saying #4. The first three will probably fail to hold the readers interest. --CP

-- When Chris puts "for research and beyond" in the mouth of a superhero, it is more resonant . . . but I keep wondering "what's beyond research?" Divine revelation, perhaps? I don't understand how Supersearch could be said to go beyond research, Supersearch is research -- easier, faster, smarter -- but not anything 'beyond." Frankly, I don't like any of these taglines. "Beyond" doesn't mean anything in this context nor do any of these relate to describe something tangible about the "product" or an outcome of using the "product." Just words strung together. -- Marc

-- None of these are good. It's all based on the "research, and beyond" tag which isn't very good (not to mention the Toy Story reference). This isn't four choices it's one choice wearing four slightly different hats. Can't they give us more options? -- Sean

-- If we have to go with one of the four, #4 seems like the best, but it is agreeably still not a good option.

Maybe we should take a step back. What is supersearch/ what does it do? Supersearch is an academic research tool that functions the way our students have learned to use search engines for the past 10+ years. It is something that is familiar in function, but provides a listing of vetted or trusted resources, which no public search engine really does. Maybe we need to list or talk about how we perceive or want to market the idea of SuperSearch and then pass that along to marketing. --CP


Overall timeline from Marketing Department on the different design related projects:

8/2 -- Susan to provide us list of 4 or 5 people for us to photograph - Susan has emailed participates to start getting the schedule done
8/4 -- Shelly to provide T-shirt, bookmark and e-mail designs
8/6 -- Shelly and Jill draft banner and poster text
Between 8/10 and 8/12 -- photo shoot
8/23 -- SuperSearch materials ready

· Posters – Ebsco is willing to help create some that include testimonials and quotes
  • Drake Marketing has developed the SuperSearch Poster look
  • Committee has invited faculty/staff/students be included in the poster - arranging for the photo shoot the week of Aug 10-12th

· Video/Tutorials - internal creation – Sean and Karen have software and knowledge;
  • Need to train Kay and get her a copy of the software.
  1. Marc is working to get the software. Software ordered 6/8, Karen J. notified of training need on 6/8. (mwd)
  2. Susan will let Karen know she will be doing training for Kay on how to use the software. Called 6/8
· Bookmarks – include the service on the main library bookmark and others as identified or needed
  • Met with marketing department staff on June 11th - they will work up bookmark for project
  • Bookmarks to have the same SuperSearch look on the webpage. Plan to order 1000 for beginning of classes.
· Training for librarians – need to create a SuperSearch Module that will be used in the FYS one-shots that each librarian can use to include active learning component

· University faculty email sent by Rod covering the basics of Super Search including a blip they could cut/paste into syllabi or webpages/BB/etc. It will also indicate follow-up by specific librarians

· Logo needed for SuperSearch
  • Logo for Web page is almost complete - just working on a little 'bling' from marketing. Currently working on a tag line to go with it in place of the search box.
  • T-SHIRTS -
    • online it would cost minimum $4000 for 1000 shirts;
    • Local -
      • Fly Graphics $2.95/each + tax (front only) $3.95/each + tax (front and back);
      • Broken Arrow Wear - $2.92/each + tax(front only) $3.55/each +tax (front and back)
  • Susan to contact Marketing about creating Logo – emailed 6/8; met on 6/11 - we went over the product she they can understand its purpose and help figure out a design. They will also be working up some other marketing pieces as well as other ideas such as a T-shirt idea.
  • Susan to contact Deb Lukeheart about including this search option on Drake appropriate webpages – emailed 6/8; discussed at the 6/11 meeting and they will start exploring that option as well. Jeremy was at the meeting and he and Marc discussed the techical aspects of including it which are minimal.
  • Criteria for logo to remember - have versions in these sizes for the ebsco interface:

    Web suitable- GIF, JPG, PNG, - in pixels:
    50x340 (appears next to the supersearch box)
    120X120 (on the supersearch page)
    82x82 (on the results page)

    Any background should be white (FFFFFF) rather than transparent.

Idea's from Andrew on his 2nd day - about t-shirt ideas on the superhero theme at the end of the meeting. Most of these could be on the front of the shirt, with the SUPERSEARCH - Cowles Library "logo" on the back:
  • Got superpowers?
  • What's your superpower?
  • You have the power.
  • Be a hero.
  • The next best thing to x-ray vision.
  • It's not faster than a speeding bullet, but it's close.
  • This looks like a job for... (possibly next to a stack of books/journals/research materials)
  • Cape and tights not required.
With great information comes great searchability.