· Try to think like a student – what do they really need to do their research
· What you think is interesting and what they think is interesting are two very different things
· Encourage students to play with this. They will use it extensively for the next four+ years and each time it will get easier and they will get better at it.

· Philosophy
o What does SuperSearch do?
o How is it like Google?
o How is it better than Google/Google Scholar?
o Explain that all the “good stuff” that SuperSearch searches. It is more comprehensive and you can actually access your results easily such as for books or through ILL.
· Landing Page
o Basic vs. Advanced Searching (today is just about basic)
o “Search Options” = Advanced Searching
· Do a simple search – “Frogs”
Results Page

· Anatomy of the Results Page
o Top – Search Results
o Center – Results
o Left – Refining Your Search
o Right – More Databases; Images; Meebo
· Results
o Note the Sort and Page Options
o Different formats of results – Books, Ebooks, Periodicals, Academic Journals
o Links to full text & catalog information to find books and other items
o Where’s my full text? – If you don’t see it click on the Check LinkSource link to look further and/or order it through ILL
· Refining your Search
o Full Text – be very careful
o Scholarly – it’s a good idea to use this most of the time in classes
o Publication Date Slider
o Source Types – This will help you identify not only books vs. journals but primary vs. secondary resources
o Oh so many more that will change in the near future as we work the bugs out
o Of course, there are plenty of ways to refine your search by combining terms or even entire searches using the search history
· Right Column
o Additional sources of data you can add
o Images
o Meebo – IM a real live librarian!
· Top
o Manipulate your search history
o Save searches and set up alerts
Other Stuff

· There’s even more stuff at the top of the screen
o Right Side – you can put stuff in you folder to manipulate later
o Left Side – Library Links
§ Pay attention to the “Databases” link. In the future you may want to use a particular database outside of SuperSearch and this will take you directly to the A-Z list of all of our databases.
And if there’s time . . .

  • Active Learning
    • Suitable to be done with partners or in groups
    • Choose a very general topic to start doing research on such as "Frogs" or "Inflation"
    • Perform an initial search and . . .
      • Limit to Academic Journals, pick a good reference and write down the title and principal author
      • Find a newspaper article from the last five years and write down the title and principal author
        • If you can't find one, try expanding the date range
      • How many books are listed on your topic?
      • How many of them are available at Cowles?