Cowles SuperSearch

Deployment [Technical] Track

Initial Deployment – Completed
  • EDS profile activated in Ebsco Administration
  • Baseline configuration of EDS profile
  • Setup, test, and approve catalog integration into EDS
  • Release as SuperSearch Beta

Configuration Stage – In Process
  • Validate special purpose EDS profiles methodology (e.g., Catalog only) -- DONE
  • Develop a basic configuration tool. -- DONE
  • Begin advanced configuration of EDS profiles
    • Create an instance of supersearch for configuration testing. - DONE
  • Clean out demo databases - DONE
  • Set up harvesting of the IR with Claudia, Kathy, Marc, Longsight, Ebsco.- in progress
    • Conference Call - 6/21; final configuration exercise 6/24
  • Add databases to EHIS and EDS as connectors are deployed (dependent: EBSCO deploying connectors by JULY 1)
    • Watch List
      • Access Science
      • ACS Publications
        Annual Reviews Biomedical Sciences Suite
        CQ Public Affairs Collection
        CQ Researcher
        CQ Supreme Court Collection
        Credo Reference
        Sociological Abstracts
        Gale Virtual Reference Library
      • IOP Science
        London Times Digital Archive
        Access Pharmacy
        Natural Standard
        Chicago Tribune Historical
        Oxford Art Online
        Oxford Music Online
        Oxford Reference Online
        Wall Street Journal
        New York Times Historical
        Wiley InterScience
  • Finalize SuperSearch interface layout, colors, features (dependent: cannot complete until EBSCO finalizes EDS layout, July 15, and Marketing provides logo, colors, etc.)
  • Take SuperSearch out of BETA – MILESTONE – TARGET DATE of JULY 15, 2010

Training – not yet started ( follows Configuration Stage)
  • Activities TBD
  • Provide training to library faculty/staff – MILESTONE – TARGET DATE OF AUG 1

WebSite Integration-not yet started (follows Configuration Stage)
  • Integrate the main SuperSearch on to home page, Libraries tab in Blueview – MILESTONE – TARGET DATE OF AUGUST 1
  • Integrate SuperSearch into VBL (virtual branch libraries)

Related Quasi-Deployment Activities

Develop web videos on using SuperSearch (may be part of instructional track)
  • Added Camtasia software to Kay and Karen J computers - DONE
  • Add Adobe Captivate software to Kay and Sean computers - DONE

Other integration activities from the instructional and/or marketing tracks
  • Determine if subject-specific instances of SuperSearch are viable for initial deployment window - discussion to this point is that we would be best served by avoiding "brand dilution" of too many specialized instances of SpS at initial launch, as per committee 6/16.
  • First three items under ASAP on Instruction Objective Timeline page
    • Establish a test profile and experiment with various customization options to determine optimal configurations.
    • Using the SuperSearch Configuration Worksheet, plan for the resources to be included in the general SuperSearch that will be featured prominently on the main library pages.
    • Determine initial placement of the main, generic SuperSearch boxes on the library website.