Configuring edstest instance -- Tracking.

6/21/2010 - Marc
Branding tab - changed "Change Text for Product Name" to read "SuperSearch TEST."

6/28/2010 - Sean

"Searching" Tab
  • "Default to Search History open above Results from Basic Searching" - What does this mean? I played with it but was unable to see any difference in having it on vs. off.
  • How will "Suggest Subject Terms" work with EDS since it only pertains to single EBSCO databases like Medline?
  • What is "Visual Search"? -- we will NOT use this.
  • Work on ordering/inclusion of limiters
  • I think we should include the Thesaurus expander

"Viewing Results" Tab
  • I think we should set "Preferred Sort Order for All Results" to Relevance
  • "Local Message Collection" - useful for Heritage Collection, etc.?
  • Explore folder settings

Discuss with Ebsco:
Searching > Run SmartText Search when Query Returns No Results