Communication from Ebsco, June 25, includes graphic showing new results page layout

The following information summarizes the most significant changes you will see later this summer in EBSCOhost:

  • Limiters and the date slider will move from the right to the left column beside the Result List, which is a more intuitive position for these popular features, consolidating all the ways users can refine and work with their results in one area.
  • Detailed record pages will be more streamlined, and links to full text, your link resolvers, ILL, etc. will be more prominently displayed on the right.
  • Users will be able to select multiple clusters and source types when managing results.
  • There will be an enhanced PDF Viewer, Content Viewer, HTML Full Text, etc.
  • A "breadbox" will show users which limiters, expanders and source types have already been selected.
  • Simpler overall interface elements will increase the intuitiveness of the user experience.

While none of these enhancements requires that you make adjustments to accommodate them, we hope that this advance notification is helpful to you.


external image resultlist1.gif