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Members: Teri Koch, Marc Davis, Sean Stone, Kay Kelly, Rod Henshaw, Susan Breakenridge, Andrew Welch, Chris Purcell.

Connector Master List (Koch) All databases subscribed to by Cowles and their status in regards to being a "Connector"
Deployment (Marc Davis, Primary Responsibility) - This is for Technical issues surrounding EDS SuperSearch deployment.
Instruction (Sean Stone, Primary Responsibility) - This is for the Instructional and Pedagogical issues surrounding EDS SuperSearch.
Marketing (Susan Breakenridge, Primary Responsibility) - This is for the Marketing Plan and efforts for EDS SuperSearch.
Overall Activities (Teri Koch, Project Coordinator) - This is the coordinating page for activities BY WEEK for the deployment of SuperSearch.
This includes agenda items for the upcoming weekly meeting.
Examples -- examples of SuperSearch links and search boxes with code. (These are working links and boxes).

Code: Red - complete
Green - dependency

  • 6/18 -- I helped Jean Cross, Education, set up a link to SuperSearch for a course being taught this summer! -- Marc
  • 6/24 -- Today's EDS Partners webinar included:
    • Demo of GUEST ACCESS ("authtype=guest" or "authtype=ip,guest" in URL)
    • Links will be sent next week or early the following link with our settings so we can see what things are going to look like.
    • Release is set for no later than July 28/New estimated delivery date is August 5 -- Kay
  • 7/3 -- Connectors have been added! Added them in to main eds profile and to edstest profile -- Marc
  • 7/28 -- I sent out email to fac/staff that agree to participate in the photo shoot -- Susan
  • 8/3 -- Need tagline feedback ASAP --Susan
  • EBSCO Integration Toolkit is now available at http://support.ebsco.com/eit/